2014 CARE Conference Social Media Guide

2014 CARE Conference Social Media Guide

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CARE’s Social Media & Web Information

Conference Hashtag:  #CARENCC
CARE Twitter Handle: @CARE
CARE website:  www.care.org

Tip: Please try to use the conference Hashtag #CARENCC as frequently as possible in your tweets and Instagram photos. Please note CARE is always spelled in all CAPS.

Day 1

Washington Hilton Hotel


Tweet About the Issues

The following are tweets about some of the issues you will learn about at the conference converted to “tweet” format. Feel free to copy and paste these into your own Twitter feed, or reword to reflect your own voice. 

Here are some sample tweets you can copy and paste or modify:

Food Aid Reform

  • The solutions to global hunger are local.  Learn more about #FoodAid reform w/ @CARE http://ar.gy/5dvy #CARENCC
  • Everything you need to know about #FoodAid reform in just 3 minutes: http://ar.gy/5dvy #CARENCC
  • Food aid reform would help food to reach the hungry 2 months faster. Learn how: http://ar.gy/5dvy #CARENCC
  • Feed 4 million more people w/o spending a penny extra. Tell Congress to support #FoodAid reform: http://ar.gy/5eG3 #CARENCC
  • In Feb. the Senate passed the #FarmBill. It included #FoodAid reforms that can feed nearly 800,000 people! http://ar.gy/5dvy #CARENCC

Gender Based Violence

  • Violence, often in the home, hurts as many women as cancer, malaria, traffic accidents & war combined. #CARENCC http://ar.gy/5cuy
  • More than 1/3 of all women who are murdered around the world are killed by their intimate partner. #CARENCC http://ar.gy/5cuy
  • Up to 70% of women in some countries are beaten, raped, abused or mutilated. http://ar.gy/5cuy #CARENCC
  • Let your voice be heard! Let Congress know that #ViolenceAgainstWomen needs to end now: http://ar.gy/5dzF #CARENCC
  • In many countries, it’s not illegal to beat or rape your wife. Let’s End #ViolenceAgainstWomen http://ar.gy/5dzF #CARENCC
  • In some places, girls are more likely to be forced into #childmarriage than go to school. http://ar.gy/5cuy #CARENCC
  • See how @CARE is empowering men & women right now to end #ViolenceAgainstWomen around the world: http://ar.gy/5cuy #CARENCC


  • Many of the world’s 45,000,000 #refugees are w/out a warm place to sleep. Here’s how you can help: http://ar.gy/5cuq #CARENCC
  • At least 10,000 Syrian children have been killed in the conflict. Here’s how you can help: http://ar.gy/5cuq #CARENCC
  • Take action now! Tell President Obama & Congress that Syria needs their help: http://ar.gy/5dvg #CARENCC
  • 500,000 Syrian #refugees have fled their homes and are living in neighboring countries. http://ar.gy/5cuq #CARENCC
  • Half of the population of Syria will be displaced by the end of the year. Here’s how you can help: http://ar.gy/5dvg #CARENCC
  • .@CARE is on the ground right now helping Syrian refugees access food, medicine & shelter: http://ar.gy/5cuq #CARENCC

Writing your own tweet? Great! Here are some questions to inspire you:

  • Why does food aid emphasize buying local? How can it help women & children?
  • How is it possible that food aid reform can feed millions of more people without costing taxpayers?
  • What is life like for Syrian refugees? Why do you think these hardships are rarely addressed in U.S. news outlets?
  • What is CARE doing to help Syrian refugees?  How can people help make a difference?
  • How do gender inequalities in poor countries contribute to the prevalence of violence against women? How can we stop it?
  • Why is poverty both a cause and effect of violence against women? How can we break the cycle?

Keynote Speakers

Tip: Quotes are great for social media. The keynote speakers’ address is a great time to tweet quotes that resonate with you. You can also paraphrase the overall message of the speech.

Keynote Remarks: Anne-Marie Slaughter – President  & C.E.O., New America Foundation

Speaker’s Twitter Handle: @SlaughterAM

Keynote Remarks:  Dr. Jim Yong Kim - President, World Bank

Speaker’s Twitter Handle: @WorldBank   Note: This is the World Bank’s twitter account not Dr. Kim’s personal twitter account.

Keynote Remarks: Senator Richard Lugar -President, Lugar Center

Speaker’s Twitter Handle: @TheLugarCenter Note: The Lugar Center answers all tweets on behalf of Senator Richard Lugar


Day 2

Capitol Hill


Congressional meetings on Capitol Hill

Lobbying on Capitol Hill is an exciting, fast-paced experience, and you’ll have a lot to talk about. Tweeting photos, short videos and paraphrasing or quoting your Member of Congress and your fellow advocates during your meeting makes for great social media content.

However, be sure to ask your Member of Congress if it’s ok to take photos and videos and to quote them during the meetings. Their level of comfort will likely vary.

If they say no, you can still tweet quotes and photos from your fellow advocates, and the results of your meetings! You will be asking your Members of Congress to take important actions in the fight to end global poverty, and if they say yes you should tweet it to the world!

Also consider including your Member of Congress’s Twitter handle in your tweets. Who knows, they might retweet you!


How to find your Member of Congress’s Twitter handle

The best way to find Members of Congress’s twitter handles, is to visit their official website. For example, Congressman John Lewis’s official website is http://johnlewis.house.gov/ from there you are able to access his social media, including his twitter account. Look for the social media icons at either the top or bottom of the home page, or on the contact us page.

Be aware: Many people have created fake Twitter and Facebook accounts for Members of Congress. If there is a blue checkmark besides their Twitter handle, you can be sure that this is a real account. However, not all Members have this verification symbol. Therefore, the only way to know for sure for these accounts is to visit their websites.

Tip: Not sure who your Congressman is? Visit https://www.govtrack.us/congress/members to find your district’s Congressman and Senator.


Here are some questions to inspire you:

  • Considering what you now know about CARE’s key issues, how is your trip to Capitol Hill helpful to those who are need?
  • Now that you’ve had firsthand experience on Capitol Hill, what do you think about the legislative process as it relates to ending poverty abroad? Do you think the work you’ve done at CARENCC will inspire real change?
  • How was your experience talking to Members of Congress and Congressional staff about the issues that you care about? Do you feel that your voice was heard?


CARE Short URLs:

The following are short links to pages on CARE’s website that correspond with the issues you are learning about at the conference.  Feel free to use the links in your tweets or other social posts at any time.  

Tip: Hashtags (#) are recognized on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest so feel free to include the #CARENCC in all your posts.

Gender Based Violence

Webpage: http://ar.gy/5cuy
Petition: http://ar.gy/5dzF


Webpage:  http://ar.gy/5cuq
Petition: http://ar.gy/5dvg

Food Aid Reform

Webpage:  http://ar.gy/5dvy
Petition: http://ar.gy/5eG3