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CARE Journeys donor trip to Bangladesh
11/3/2018 to 11/8/2018 • Dhaka, Bangladesh • Fundraising

Join CARE Journeys on our donor trip to Bangladesh, where we will visit CARE’s Living Blue project.

CARE Journeys provide a unique, first-hand experience into how CARE’s programs are multiplying impact in the world’s poorest communities. We invite you to join us as we travel the world visiting and sharing with the women, girls and families we stand with every day to deliver lasting change.

11/4/2018 • •

There is no feeling like standing at the foot of the Verrazano Bridge with Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York playing as the gun goes off and you begin your 26.2 mile journey through the 5 incredible boroughs of New York City. The music, cheering, and crowds will keep you going as you as you fight through the wall and ultimately run across the finish line in Central Park. You did it!

11/7/2018 • Boston, MA •

CARE to host an event featuring Nancy Farese, Founder and Board Chair of PhotoPhilanthropy. The reception will focus on Social Impact, Photography, & Storytelling.


More details to be announced.