CARE Knows How to link 467 Schools Together with an App

CARE Knows How to link 467 Schools Together with an App

Zimbabwe is a country where barriers to education, especially for girls, is the norm, not the exception. Girls suffer from lower social status, poor sanitation in schools, risks of gender-based violence and can have their education ended by pregnancy.

Even when we know what successful programs look like, it is often hard to share that best practice or learn from missteps because of the distance and lack of communication infrastructure between villages.

But CARE is finding solutions. For example, we know that there are more than 5 million data subscribers in Zimbabwe and that almost all of them access the internet using mobile phones - even the school principal – and channels like Facebook, Twitter and Skype have played major roles in changing the way that Zimbabweans communicate.

That’s where WhatsApp comes in.  We are using it to help those 467 schools communicate with each other so they can share best practices with one another. And it’s not just the schools. Community groups are learning from each other about the challenges and successes they are experiencing. They are giving updates to project implementers on their planned activities, which in turn helps us support them in their activities and document their story, successes, and challenges.

Which makes us all smarter and better at finding long-term solutions to the problem of extreme poverty. 

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