CARE knows how to make fog drinkable

CARE Knows How to Make Fog Drinkable

High in the Ecuadorian cloud forest, CARE implemented a program to help families harvest water from the air for drinking and washing.

On a foggy day, this mist collection system — made of a stainless steel screen, PVC piping, a water collection bucket and sensors — can collect up to 200 liters of water. The water is filtered for use in the home.

Before the system was installed, Maria and her daughter walked down to the river and back up the mountain carrying heavy buckets of water for her family of 11's cooking, drinking, washing and bathing.

Maria now dedicates the hours and energy she once spent hauling water to making her small farm thrive. And it is thriving! The same CARE program that showed Maria how to harvest water from the mist also showed her how to protect her crops from unpredictable frosts, and to manufacture her own safe, organic fertilizer. Before she started working with CARE, Maria's farm didn't even produce enough food to feed her family. Now there's enough water for drinking, cooking and bathing, enough food for everyone to eat, and enough leftover to sell at local markets. Today Maria earns enough from her farm set aside money for savings and her children's tuition.

"I feel like I'm flying," Maria says. "I no longer depend on others."

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Watch the video to meet Maria see how an innovative program is lifting her out of poverty.



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