CARE Knows How to Turn Mobile Phones into Medical Planners

CARE Knows How to Turn Mobile Phones into Medical Planners

In the East Indian state of Bihar, high infant and maternal mortality remained daunting challenges. CARE and the Government of Bihar decided to team up to improve family health interventions using something that we are all familiar with: mobile phones.

Here’s how it works:

Frontline Health Workers are equipped with phones and trained on a number of programs that register pregnant women, mothers and newborns for healthcare services. They are also given decision support tools and counseling protocols to increase the quality of health care programs.

The Healthcare Workers have found the program simple to use and easy to operationalize. They have real-time healthcare information recorded to track necessary information to provide timely services through the stages of pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery care. They can more easily plan and prioritize home visits with the women and families they work with, and are increasing reach, quality and timeliness of healthcare services. Furthermore, the program reduces the chance of error in recording and transmitting healthcare-related data.


Today, 40,000+ pregnant mothers and children are being tracked in all stages of pregnancy, delivery and post-delivery care. The Frontline Workers have added data on immunization and promotion and adoption of family planning services. Frontline workers have made more than 250,000 home visits to provide key counseling sessions at the right time. Frontline Workers are regularly reviewed by 58 supervisors from two partner agencies to increase coverage and program quality.

The Government of Bihar has allocated $20 million U.S. dollars to scale up “mHealth” intervention with the goal of reaching 100 million people across Bihar.

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