Teach a Woman to Farm and She Will Teach a Village

Teach a Woman to Farm and She Will Teach a Village

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In the Koh Kong province of Cambodia, CARE is tackling poverty by teaching women to become innovators. The Young Women in Business project helps women access employment and income opportunities in this area of Southwestern Cambodia where gender inequality is high and job opportunities are scarce.

Chim Srey Thorn, age 27, is one of these women who now runs her own business thanks to the training she got from CARE. Through the Young Women in Business project she learned how to raise livestock, manage a small business and handle finances. She also learned basic veterinary skills. 

Now, Chim Srey Thorn raises pigs and serves as a village para-veterinarian, helping others to vaccinate their own livestock. She has been so successful that she was selected to be a demonstration pig farmer for the CARE program. 

Before CARE came to her village, Chim Srey Thorn was considering migrating to find work. But now, she has the skills to run an innovative business - and to teach others to do the same.

Chim Srey Thorn, 27, stands in front of her pig farming business, which she began with the help of CARE's Young Women in Business project in Cambodia.