Aurelia’s Story: Fighting Chronic Malnutrition in Peru

Aurelia’s Story: Fighting Chronic Malnutrition in Peru

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Lourdes Callanaupa, Window of Opportunity, CARE Peru

Tutaya Aurelia Flores lives in Tambobamba, Peru in a community where the Window of Opportunity program is working. In her area, one in 10 children under the age of three is chronically malnourished. She is a 32 year old mother of three children: nine year old Yendi, three year old Estefany, and seven month old Juan Carlos. The father of her first daughter abandoned her, leaving Aurelia to care her first child alone.

“I didn’t know how to feed my baby, what foods to offer and how to feed her. Another difficulty I had was that I did not have sufficient resources to buy the products. My daughter got sick several times … Currently Yendi is a bit withdrawn, has difficulties studying, and I’m worried …”

Aurelia sees a difference in her two younger children, Estefany and Juan Carlos, who both had regular visits to the local health post for checkups. Of the boys, she says, “the last two, Estefany and Juan Carlos…are very active and have a good size and weight, because I take them punctually for their controls at the Ccechcca Health Post. They compliment me every time I take them. They say, ‘lady you are caring for them and feeding them very well’ …”

Aurelia says she is now able to share the duties of caring and feeding her children with her husband. In addition, she enjoys attending the meetings organized by Window in her area.

“I attend meetings and conversations conducted by the post and the Window of Opportunity program that comes to our community. I like to go to these trainings because they teach us to prepare meals for children, and give us guidance on how to feed them, and also teach us how we should wash our hands and other things. When I return to my home I prepare food for my children just as they taught me and do my house cleaning and other chores. We are grateful to the lady at the post and the institutions such as CARE, which have been supportive of us. Thanks to them I think we are changing …”