Ebola Cases Reach More Than 20,000

Ebola Cases Reach More Than 20,000

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For those living in West Africa, Ebola is a terrifying part of daily life. New numbers released from the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday show Ebola has infected 20,081 people and killed 7,842. There have been close to 400 new cases in just four days. And TIME reports that the epidemic may last a full second year.

Residents are prisoners in their own homes. Children aren't going to school. Adults are afraid to go to work. And despite efforts made by aid groups in the last few months, the disease continues to spread. 

But CARE is committed to ending Ebola — and we need your help. Donate today to expand critical hygiene programs in the hardest-hit communities, kickstart CARE’s efforts to rebuild communities devastated by Ebola, and deliver lasting change where the need is greatest.

Thanks to your generous support, CARE is already on the ground distributing hygiene kits containing soap, water buckets, gloves and chlorine to people in the most vulnerable areas. CARE is also educating the public on how to reduce transmission through proper hygiene.


CARE has distributed hundreds of Ebola posters in Sierra Leone and is working with health officials in West Africa to help educate the public. Photo by CARE.