Harvesting Water From Air

Harvesting Water From Air

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High in Ecuadorian cloud forest, CARE and Cola-Cola is testing a program to help families harvest water from the air for drinking and washing. On a foggy day, the mist collection system – made of a stainless steel screen, PVC piping, a water collection bucket and sensors – can net up to 200 liters of water, which is then filtered and ready for use in the home.

Before the system was installed three months ago, Maria and her daughter walked down to the river and back up the mountain carrying heavy buckets of water when her extended family of 11 cooked, bathed or cleaned the dishes. Now, the two of them have more time to dedicate to expanding their business growing and selling vegetables at the village markets near their home.

After the water is collected, it's filtered and ready for use in the home. Next, CARE will try to pipe water from the filter into Maria's home so the family has running water for the first time.

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Maria (R) and her daughter show how much water has been collected that day.


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