Lily Rose’s Diary: Part 2

Lily Rose’s Diary: Part 2

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Helping people in need and building my professional skills


One of the most exciting things I’ve done since I got to Pariang in Unity State was participate in a food security assessment, which was undertaken to understand the living conditions of people in the local communities and identify their food security needs. 

The survey ran for four days, and involved trekking for hours and talking to people in their villages. Ours is a big country with a sparse population and although the survey was “door to door,” the distances were so great we could only cover five families per day.

The reception we received from the people in the communities we visited made every moment worthwhile. Nobody wanted to be left out, and some of the families complained if we didn’t visit them. More than 4.6 million of my fellow countrymen are believed to be in need of assistance from organizations like CARE, and I worry there are not enough resources to help them. 

The needs were the same in just about every community we visited. People are suffering and in need of our support. They lack basic needs like food and water, so they drink dirty water from the ponds and depend solely on milk for their food. The few who can afford to buy food have to walk the whole day to get to the market and back to their homes. Even with all the cattle in these pastoralist communities, there are still some people who don’t have cows and have to depend on their neighbors for milk to survive. 

I am proud of my work with CARE. I am able to help some of the people most in need, and I am building my professional skills so that in the future I will be able to help even more.

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