My Wife is the Reason We Have a Roof Above Our Heads

My Wife is the Reason We Have a Roof Above Our Heads

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I am Jhaman Singh Pariyar and I live in Devdaha – 1, Pragati Bazaar, Rupandehi. My wife Maya Pariyar and I have four children – two sons and two daughters. Maya has been working in Saudi Arabia for some time now and although she is supporting our family financially, I wanted her to stay back so that she could take care of our children.

But when I participated in the men engagement training and had series of discussions with Peer Educator through the Shubha Yatra project, I realized the great contribution my wife was making for our family and she is the reason we have a roof above our head. After much reflection, I thought to myself - if she is toiling in a foreign country to make money for our family so that we could have a comfortable life, then why shouldn’t I take care of the children?

Although it is very difficult to give the type of love and care that only a mother can provide her children, I am trying my best to manage our children’s expectation. Everyday I wake up early in the morning and clean the house, do the daily prayers, fetch water and go for labor work. I can imagine the hardship she is facing in a foreign country. All I do is bless her and pray to God for her good health and happiness.

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