Overcoming social barriers, she now helps to support herself & her family

Overcoming social barriers, she now helps to support herself & her family

In just six months, twenty-year-old Selina was able to change her life, showing that dedication can lead to dream fulfillment, despite mounting obstacles.

Selina is one of four children of a poor family from the village of Buruj, in the Bogra district of Northern Bangladesh.  Although Selina was a very bright and successful student, her parents were forced to consider discontinuing her education in order to have money for all the other household expenses.  Desperate for more education, Selina begged her parents to allow her to study until at least high school, or, grade 10.  Sensing her desire for higher education, her parents granted her request despite all of the economic challenges they faced.  Selina was very determined and even worked as a private tutor to earn money to buy books and pens for herself. 

Meanwhile, she took part in the secondary school certificate examination and passed with distinction. In spite of this success, she was deeply dismayed because her parents could no longer cover her educational expenses and it was not possible for Selina to cover her educational expenses with the meager amount of money she earned by tutoring other children.  She was desperate to find a source of income that would allow her continue her studies and help support her family.

While searching for a part time job, she heard about a vacancy for an assistant at the Buruj Digital Fat Testing (DFT) milk collection point, which is jointly operated by CARE and BRAC Dairy.  She contacted the CARE project manager and informed him that she desperately wanted the job.  After listening to her distressing but courageous story, the CARE project manager discussed the proposition with the collection point manager and with Selina’s parents.  All parties were able to come to an agreement.  Shortly thereafter, Selina’s new life began.

Although social barriers were one of her greatest obstacles - as it was unusual for a woman to be in such a profession – her determination to move forward and the help of CARE, helped her reach her goals.

Her parents are happy that their daughter is able to earn money, helping to support not only her education but her family.  Her father no longer considers discontinuing her studies and has decided to allow Selina to enroll in the higher secondary school certificate exam.  The proud father beams, “There is nothing more pleasant for a father than when his daughter earns money for the family. She is not only covering her educational expenses, but also paying for some educational expenses for my other two children.  I think this is remarkable.  Now the village people speak to me with honor.  Neither my daughter nor I are merely another face in the crowd; it’s clear that we have done something different.”

 I have a bigger vision for my life and this has helped me a lot to reach this stage.  I want to use my strong willpower to achieve the ultimate success of my life.  I am very grateful to CARE for showing me the right path which helped me to become what I am and what I want to be in the future. 

- Selina

Although she is very busy, Selina is now leading a better life and has the ability to fulfill her dreams. She aims to finish her studies and to be increasingly self-reliant.  Selina is seen as a role model in her community.  After suffering from distress and poverty, she is now able to lead a dignified life with the help of CARE.  She looks to build off her success and wants to accomplish even bigger vision in the future.