A Shelter Called Home

A Shelter Called Home

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Narayan Shrestha, 63 of Dhading village sits on a hay mat basking in the sun with his nine months old granddaughter. He takes out an orange from a basket, peels it off and gives it to his granddaughter.   

When the earth started shaking on April 25, he was outside performing a ritual along with six other family members. “My wife was inside the house, she was carrying a bucket filled with rice in one hand and holding my granddaughter in the other arm when the earthquake struck,” he recalls the moment that changed his life. The earthquake destroyed parts of Narayan’s house. Three walls of his house fell in three different directions. He says: “My wife and granddaughter were stuck inside the house.  I hurriedly ran towards them and pulled them out. I saw the three walls fall one by one, luckily I was able to save my wife and my granddaughter.”  Everything appeared like a nightmare to Narayan Shrestha that day. He could hear people cry but the dust coming out of the fallen houses made his vision blur. After few minutes, the situation got worse as it started to rain.  All Narayan could think of at that moment was to quickly find a shelter for his family. Amidst all the sudden chaos, determined Narayan Shrestha pulled out some pieces of clothes and bamboo from the rubble and build a shelter for his family. He was worried that the continuous rain would destroy his temporary hut but to his surprise, Shrestha received a bundle of iron sheets and tool kits from CARE. “My happiness had no limits when I received that bundle of iron sheets,” he adds.  

Narayan Shrestha rebuilt his house with these iron sheets, using them as walls and roof. He has also built a small shade for his cattle. He adds: “It was scary to sleep inside a broken house with no walls. Thankfully, I have walls now to protect my family and myself. I am comforted that my family can now sleep in peace and that I have a place that I call home.”

Narayan Shrestha sitting on the porch of his house with his granddaughter.