The Associated Press: “Thousands who fled recent fighting in Syria return home”

The Associated Press: Thousands who fled recent fighting in Syria return home

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The Associated Press quoted CARE in a story about the Syrian crisis and the displacement of southern Syrians. CARE told the Associated Press that thousands of displaced Syrians have moved from areas close to the Jordanian border back to towns and villages that recently signed Russian-brokered reconciliation agreements with the Syrian government.


“They are in desperate need of food, shelter and clean water, which is scarce and prohibitively expensive due to the high demand in densely populated areas,” the story said, attributing the update to the “international relief agency, CARE.” The story was published by several outlets including The New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, and Boston Herald. Read it here.

Civilians displaced by the fighting in Daraa governorate look for safe places to set up tents in informal camps in Southern Syria. Up to 50,000 people had to move in eight days, and are in desperate need of shelter, clean water, and food. Credit: CARE.