Doughnuts Defeating Poverty (with video)

CARE Knows How to Beat Poverty with Donuts

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If you want to understand one of the best new ideas for fighting global poverty, an excellent place to start is Biti Rose Nasoni in the southern African nation of Malawi.

Biti Rose joined a CARE Village Savings and Loan Association in 2005, when she and her husband Alfred were so poor they had to pull their son out of school because they couldn’t afford the $5 uniform fee. Saving just pennies a week alongside 20 of her neighbors, she eventually secured a $2 loan from the group to buy ingredients to make doughnuts which she sells for 2 cents each. Her doughnuts were immediately popular and Biti Rose started earning several dollars each day in profit – more money than she’d ever had in her life. She and her husband have reinvested their profits in their children’s educations as well as their farm. The New York Times’ Nick Kristof visited the Nasonis and included her story in A Path Appears, his new book co-authored by Sheryl WuDunn. He also produced this video for The New York Times.

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