CNN Headline News - Focus on treating Ebola, not quarantine

CNN HLN - Focus on treating Ebola, not quarantine

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Interview conducted by: Anna Lanfreschi

As the governors of New Jersey, New York and Illinois put in place a mandatory quarantine for anyone returning to the United States from West Africa who's had direct contact with Ebola patients, more questions about the infectious disease arise. Is a mandatory quarantine really necessary when a person isn’t showing symptoms? Does scientific research support a mandatory quarantine? Are there better ways to stop Ebola from spreading?

HLN: Would a mandatory quarantine help those who have been in direct contact with Ebola patients, such as doctors and nurses?

Gayle: Mandatory vs. voluntary is less of an issue than how we’re treating people who have done something that ought to be rewarded. We know that, ultimately, the biggest contribution to making sure we keep people safe here is to stop transmission of Ebola in West Africa. So we want doctors and nurses to go to West Africa to treat Ebola patients. If you know you’re going to put yourself at risk by helping out, but when you come back, you’ll essentially be held prisoner in an institution, that’s not really an incentive to go make a difference in a terrible epidemic. 

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