Charities join forces to #fightfamine Charities join forces to #fightfamine

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CARE joined with seven other organizations in a first-of-its-kind fundraising appeal for the 20 million people on the brink of starvation in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia, and Nigeria. In a story, CARE COO Heather Higginbottom spoke on behalf of the coalition describing her recent trip to visit two refugee camps in Uganda where more than a million refugees are coming from South Sudan. "One woman...I will not forget her. She came with eleven children," Higginbottom said. "Four were hers, three were her brother's -- who was killed in front of her -- and the others were children of relatives. She is struggling, even in this refugee camp, to feed the children." The story also includes a stunning photo slideshow: “This is what starvation looks like.”

Esther, a refugee from South Sudan, arrived in northern Uganda with her 3 week old new born. Already malnourished, she traveled for several days with nothing to eat and was no longer able to produce milk for her baby. She meets Heather Higginbottom.