Devex: Poised for Scale, Primed for Investment

Devex: Poised for Scale, Primed for Investment

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In an article on, CARE President and CEO Michelle Nunn celebrates the finalists and winners in CARE's Scale X Design Challenge, which awarded $450,000 in prizes Jan. 26 to help scale up some of CARE's most proven programs. "Over the decades at CARE," she writes, "we've seen how long it can take for our most promising programs to reach scale, and we all know a similar lag applies throughout the development field. It's a problem. So as we thought of how to close that gap between innovation and impact, we asked ourselves, how can we do more -- better and faster? Which CARE programs are having the greatest impact? How can we scale them? What can we learn from others and where is the nexus between innovation and international development? Our answer was -- and is -- Scale X Design."

"Scale X Design represents the future of innovation and scale at CARE," Nunn added, "and, more broadly, we believe it's a leap forward in social develoment, helping to shape a future in which we all work together to tackle -- and overcome -- the world's greatest challenges."

Read the full article here. Watch the Scale X Design highlights video here.



Michelle Nunn, president and CEO of CARE, addresses the audience during CARE’s Scale X Design Challenge event in Brooklyn, N.Y. Three winning teams took home a combined $450,000 in cash prizes to help scale up some of the organization's most innovative, proven and promising programs. (Carey Wagner/CARE)