White House denies changes to Obama’s girls’ education program

Humanosphere: White House denies changes to Obama’s girls’ education program

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CARE expressed deep disappointment upon hearing news reports that the Trump Administration would end Obama’s “Let Girls Learn” program which aimed to educate girls in the developing world.  CARE’s senior policy advocate on gender, Gayatri Patel, told Humanosphere that the Let Girls Learn initiative shows the U.S. government’s commitment to improving the lives of adolescent girls and giving them the tools they need to have better futures.

“It is not just about getting girls into schools,” Patel said in an email to Humanosphere, “but more broadly about examining and overcoming what keeps them from school in the first place – child marriage, early pregnancy, violence, discrimination that favors boys going to school over girls, harassment of girls on the way to and during school, etc. are all very complex issues that are among those challenges.” Read the story here

'Udaan’ which literally means ‘flight’ is a part of CARE India’s efforts to ensure education for girls of marginalised groups. Sankalpa Acharya/CARE India