Media Planet - Disaster Relief and Emergency Preparedness

Media Planet - Disaster Relief and Emergency Preparedness

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Media Planet

CARE partnered with the San Francisco Chronicle for the Media Planet digital campaign focusing on Disaster Relief and Emergency Preparedness. 

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Expert panel:

Disaster relief and risk reduction - A dialogue on disaster among experts and frontline workers. Featuring Holly Solberg, Emergency Director of CARE USA.


Collaborative efforts:

Disaster can strike at any moment, at home or abroad.  While preparation is vital, relief responses are integral in the aftermath, by CARE USA CEO, Helene Gayle. 


Facing the horror of Haiyan:

When the cameras leave, the continuation of American engagement becomes increasingly necessary.


Syria: A snapshot of a conflict

Robert X. Fogarty explains how photography has the unmatched ability to capture the human emotions felt in times of crisis.