Yahoo News: ‘Kid-driven’ hope, from Boulder to a refugee camp in Kenya

Yahoo News: ‘Kid-driven’ hope, from Boulder to a refugee camp in Kenya

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Yahoo News wrote about CARE’s Letters of Hope campaign that connected Boulder, Co. children to refugee children around the world. “When you ask children to write each other, no matter how far apart they may live, they end up talking about the same things: dancing, drawing, playing games and, perhaps importantly, what home means to them,” said Michelle Nunn, president and CEO of CARE. “I think we adults can learn from them. People in this world ultimately want the same things, and it’s up to us to connect with those in the human family who are facing incredible challenges, who have lost their homes and who simply want to know other people out there care.”

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From left, Feisal Saney Zuber, Elisa Elisama Mangu, Safiyo Noor Hassan and Stella Poni Vuni are students at Illeys Elementary School who wrote letters to fifth grade students in Boulder, CO. Approximately 250,000 refugees reside at Dadaab Refugee Camp in Dadaab, Kenya. Carey Wagner/CARE