CARE applauds additional US assistance to the Syria Crisis; more sustainable solutions needed for the region

CARE applauds additional U.S. assistance to the Syria Crisis; more sustainable solutions needed for the region

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WASHINGTON- (February 4, 2016)- World leaders convened in London today to focus on finding solutions and making more than $10 billion in commitments to support Syrians affected by the five-year ongoing war in Syria. The U.S. State Department announced over $925 million in additional assistance to the Syria Crisis. Secretary Kerry pledged more than $600 million in life-saving humanitarian assistance and $325 million in development assistance – including $290 million in for education to Jordan and Lebanon.

“CARE welcomes the additional urgently needed humanitarian and development aid for Syrians whose lives have been gravely impacted by a war that continues to rage after five years. More sustainable solutions are needed to help Syrians cope with the long-term impacts of the war. In addition to life-saving aid and education, we urge the U.S. government to further invest in livelihood opportunities for both Syrians and host communities so that more Syrians are able to legally access jobs and better provide a life for their families," said Michelle Nunn, CEO of CARE.

“A million new jobs would provide much-needed hope to Syrian refugees and host countries. In this protracted crisis, we must increase access to jobs and decent work, not just emergency assistance. Because we know without income, refugee families cannot sustain themselves and are at high risk of child marriage, sexual exploitation and child labor,” added Nunn. 

Additional funding is critically needed. Pledges made by the U.S. and others today in London are great progress, but ultimately there will not be a humanitarian solution to this crisis.  CARE calls for the international community, particularly those states such as the United States, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, with most influence over warring parties, to urgently work toward a political solution to the conflict through diplomacy as called for in the Geneva Communique and reinforced in the Vienna peace talks.

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