CARE Ready To Respond After Deadly Floods Hit Vietnam

CARE Ready To Respond After Deadly Floods Hit Vietnam

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VIETNAM (Oct 13, 2017) — CARE’s emergency teams in Vietnam are preparing to respond to deadly flooding in the country’s north, which has so far left dozens dead and thousands homeless.

Nguyen Thi Thu Trang, CARE’s acting country director in Vietnam, said emergency teams were on standby ready to be deployed to affected areas.

“This is some of the worst flooding we’ve seen in Vietnam and the situation could still get a lot worse,” she warned.

Trang said tropical storm Khanun, currently over the northern tip of the Philippines, threatened to regain typhoon strength before moving into northern Vietnam.

“Tropical storm Khanun would exacerbate the flood disaster that is unfolding and would be the third disaster to strike Vietnam in a month. People are still recovering from Typhoon Doksuri, which struck just a few weeks ago and caused widespread destruction of infrastructure and agriculture,” Trang said, adding that the priority is to support those sheltering in evacuation centers. 

People will need basic supplies like food, cooking equipment, blankets and water purification tablets, she said. 

“It’s also vital that people have mosquito nets as we know where there’s water, there’s an ever present risk of mosquito-borne disease.”

CARE started working in Vietnam in 1954 and has had projects in almost all of Vietnam’s 64 provinces. CARE’s current work focuses on ensuring long-term positive change for marginalized groups, especially women, while also delivering humanitarian and emergency assistance in times of crisis. 

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Affects of tropical depression in Vietnam from typhoon Khanun which is still at the South China Sea. Credit: SUDECOM/Vietnam