CARE Statement on Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

CARE Statement on Ebola Outbreak in West Africa

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CARE is deeply concerned by the continuing spread of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa and is committed to working closely with health officials in the region to help educate the public and end this outbreak.

The current Ebola outbreak is, by far, the deadliest-ever outbreak of this rare, severe and usually fatal hemorrhagic fever. 729 people have died so far in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. According to Nigerian health officials, a Liberian man died of Ebola on July 25 in Lagos, Nigeria, Africa’s largest city.

CARE is using our relationships in communities across Sierra Leone and Liberia to help educate the public on reducing transmission risk through proper hygiene. The outbreak has not significantly impacted CARE’s work in the region, however for the safety of our staff and the communities we serve, we have asked staff to immediately report suspected Ebola cases and immediately suspend work activities in areas they suspect the virus may be present.

In Sierra Leone, CARE has distributed 1,650 informational posters about Ebola prevention in the districts of Kambia, Tonkolili, Bombali and Koinadugu. CARE has advised staff with family connections to affected areas to suspend visits to and from those areas. And, finally, CARE is following government health advisories to introduce hand washing in CARE offices, schools and other meeting place.

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CARE has distributed 1,650 Ebola informational posters in Sierra Leone. It is designed to be easily understood by people who may not be able to read.