CARE Welcomes UN Migrant Agreement, Urges U.S. to Join

CARE Welcomes UN Migrant Agreement, Urges U.S. to Join

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WASHINGTON—CARE, the global humanitarian and development organization, welcomes today’s agreement on a nonbinding UN migration pact aimed at ensuring the safe, orderly, and humane movement of people around the world. More than 160 countries signed the accord in Morocco, but the United States was notably missing, along with Australia and a handful of others.


Sheba Crocker, CARE USA's Vice President for Humanitarian Policy and Practice, said:


“This is an historic moment – it’s the first global agreement on migration.


Ensuring the safety and rights of migrants will not only ‘prevent suffering and chaos,’ as the UN Secretary General said, it can also inject vitality into the global economy.


It’s deeply unfortunate that the U.S.—with its long and valued tradition of welcoming migrants—has missed this opportunity to lead on a global, nonbinding initiative aimed at preventing human suffering and rejuvenating national economies. CARE urges the administration to reconsider and sign this historic agreement.”


About CARE:

Founded in 1945, CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. CARE has more than seven decades of experience helping people prepare for disasters, providing lifesaving assistance when a crisis hits, and helping communities recover after the emergency has passed. CARE places special focus on women and children who are often disproportionately affected by disasters. Last year, CARE worked in 94 countries to reach 80 million people, including more than 11 million through emergency response and humanitarian aid. To learn more, visit


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Refugees from Myanmar arrive in Bangladesh. Kathleen Prior/CARE Australia