Syria: passage of Security Council Resolution is a first step, real test will be implementation- says CARE

Syria: Passage of Security Council Resolution is a first step, real test will be implementation

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AMMAN, Jordan - CARE cautiously welcomes the resolution approved unanimously by the UN Security Council today and call for its immediate and full implementation. The past five years of conflict has seen the UN Security Council passed multiple resolutions calling for these same steps to protect and assist civilians with little success.

Syrians have been disappointed too often by the international community and decision makers. Those affected by the conflict will judge this decision based on action and not merely words.

The international community needs to recognize that what is happening in Aleppo is one of the worst scenarios we could have feared for the Syrian population. The humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo has dragged on for too long. The uncertainty of the past few days just added to the suffering of a population who has been a victim of years of bombardment and months of siege. This resolution is a small glimmer of hope in a sustained flood of bad and worst news on Syria. CARE demands that all parties to the conflict provide the UN with safe, immediate and unimpeded access to monitor evacuations from Aleppo.

We also must work together to stop the conditions leading to these massacres and forced evacuations in the first place. There must be an immediate cessation of hostilities and unconditional humanitarian access, not only in Aleppo, but throughout Syria to ensure that assistance urgently reaches people in need through the most direct route.  After nearly six years of war, we demand not only implementation of today’s resolution, but what is needed even more and long overdue is a diplomatic resolution to finally end the conflict in Syria.

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