Our Approaches in Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health

Safeguarding Health for Mothers and Families

A family cannot be economically healthy if it is not physically healthy.

CARE for Moms

Learn how CARE is giving mothers the interventions they need to get an education, raise healthier and better-educated children, develop their own sources of income and become leaders in their communities.

Our Technical Expertise

See the tools, approaches, research, and projects on Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health that CARE uses in more than 40 countries around the world

Share Your Voice

CARE works around the world to influence policies to ensure that safe pregnancy and birth are A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.

Working with our partners, we use effective models and approaches to support the most marginalized communities to overcome poverty, social injustice and humanitarian crises. We then use and apply the evidence and learning of our programs to influence broader change and to scale up effective solutions.  CARE’s SRMH work focuses on the following areas: Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health & Governance; Gender, Sexuality and Rights; Sexual and Reproductive Health in Emergencies; and Health Systems Support and Innovation. 

Social Accountability

We establish and support effective, participatory governance mechanisms through which women, girls, and communities provide feedback on SRMH services. Our Community Score Card © focuses on increasing the quality, responsiveness, and acceptability of rights-based SRMH services and products.

Health Systems Support

We work with frontline health care workers to strengthen health systems to ensure that women and girls have access to quality, rights-based SRMH services, and to link community and health systems in a virtuous cycle of quality improvement and respectful, rights-based care.

Gender, Sexuality, and Rights

We partner with communities to challenge and transform the inequitable gender norms that restrict women’s and girls’ ability to realize their SRMH rights, including working with community leaders and engaging men and boys as allies in transformative change for gender justice. 


Our goal in the challenging environments of emergencies, post-conflict and disaster settings is to protect the health and well-being of women, girls, men, and boys and to promote gender equality by increasing access to essential SRMH services and programs across all phases of the emergency continuum. 


Program Highlight: Health Education

See how health trainings help Cambodian workers care for their families.

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What does a savings and loan group have to do with family planning?

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Child marriage endangers girls and places them at risk of dying in pregnancy and delivery.

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Did You Know?

CARE pays special attention to new and expectant moms during times of crisis.

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