Be Vocal on Social

3 Tips for Advocating on Social Media

Social media is an important advocacy tool. It allows to you engage with friends, neighbors, co-workers, the news media and elected representatives on issues that matter to you as an advocate for CARE, amplifying your voice and the voices of the people CARE serves around the world.


1. Follow

Follow CARE and CARE Action on social media. It’ll help keep you up with CARE’s work in the field and in D.C.

CARE Action:  Facebook  |  Twitter

CARE:  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram


2. Share

The more people become familiar with CARE’s work and the issues CARE Action is fighting for, the more likely they are to join the movement to fight poverty and empower women and girls around the world. Whether it’s a compelling article from a reputable news source such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, Reuters or the Associated Press, news about key legislation, or information on an advocacy event, you’ll want to like, share, and retweet our posts, those of influencers, and write your own to share. Your friends and followers will appreciate a personal point of view. Your passion can be an incredible motivator. And remember: It’s great to have a strong viewpoint. It’s not great to be a jerk.


3. Tag/#Hashtag

Tagging your followers, relevant organizations, and representatives will alert them of your posts and help amplify your message. Many elected officials can be found on Twitter and Facebook. Facebook has a feature called Town Hall that makes it easy to find and follow your representatives, access their contact information, sign up for voting alerts, and log in as a constituent with the Constituent Badge, which allows elected officials to recognize you as a constituent when you post or comment on their page. 

Hashtags help people tap into the larger conversation around an issue, such as #DontCutLives for CARE Action’s effort to save the foreign aid budget. Since hashtags are searchable, people outside your network will be able to see your posts and you’ll be able to broaden your advocacy community.