4 ways to amplify your message with a group


1. Get educated

It’s important to develop and share your knowledge of CARE’s mission, organization, issues, policies and United States’ political processes. Legislators will listen to and consult with constituents who have shown themselves to be respectful and knowledgeable about the issues. And an informed perspective will go far with friends and followers.


2. Join the CARE Action Network 

The CARE Action Network (CAN) is a group of more than 270,000 advocates across the U.S. CAN provides people who are concerned about global poverty with unique opportunities to voice their concerns, speak out on behalf of the global poor and mobilize citizens to take action. 


3. Find your CAN Regional Advocacy Coordinator

Organize local events, recruit new advocates, conduct in-district meetings, submit pieces to local media, and participate in events such as the CARE National Conference


4. Build a delegation

Together as advocates you can facilitate educational or awareness-raising events, host small group discussions, or attend periodic meetings with your policymakers, advocacy teammates and potential delegates. CARE’s advocacy schedule provides opportunities to keep your group engaged with activities like requests for email blasts, phone calls and petition signatures directed towards your members of Congress.