"America does not retreat from challenges, we lead. Our history shows that our humanitarian initiatives have saved millions of lives and made the world safer for everyone."

Michelle Nunn
President and CEO of CARE
The Human Cost of Cuts
A woman shades herself from the midday sun in one of hundreds of make-shift tents providing shelter for 500 families now living as internally displaced people (IDPs) around the town of Haro Sheikh 60km east of Hargeisa the capital of Somaliland.
The Human Cost of Cuts
New analysis from leading humanitarian, development and global health organizations calculates the devastating human costs of cuts to foreign assistance
What Foreign Assistance Looks Like: Uganda
Lilian, Viola and Scobia are all sixteen year old girls that fled central Equitoria to find a better life in Uganda.
What Foreign Assistance Looks Like: Uganda
Sixteen-year-olds Lillian, Scobia and Viola had to flee South Sudan for Uganda with no adult guardian.

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