Scholarship Brings Opportunity and Healing

Sella Nyirongo was born on March 19, 1994, and lives in M`nthembwe Village in the rural district of Kasungu, Malawi. In this area, education frequently takes a lower priority, particularly for girls, as many young women drop out of primary school to get married as a way of escaping the difficulties of poverty.

Sella’s path to education has not been easy. She shared, “My mother died when I was in primary school in 2007, and my father Dipo Nyirongo was struggling to feed and provide for us. He was a mere tenant farmer fetching far less income than he needed to support a family of four children. But I want to share with you my story and tell you how I have been transformed by CARE’s scholarship program.”

“I took a motherly role at such a tender age. I had to take care of the home, cook, fetch water, look for firewood and go to school at the same time. Life was not easy, and on the weekend I had to accompany my father to look for more work,” Sella explained.

After Sella Nyirongo completed school at Chankhozi Primary, she was selected to attend Linyangwa Day Secondary School.

“It was all joy that I was selected, but at the same time, when I remembered about my family’s financial problems, I was uncertain if I would attend the secondary school,” Sella shared.

Thanks to a CARE scholarship, Sella was able to attend Linyangwa Day Secondary School, and she is now a primary school teacher who is waiting for her government posting after graduating from Loudon Teachers Training College in Malawi in 2016.

“CARE gave me almost everything I needed. Apart from the school fees and pocket money, I also got assertiveness training that helped me to develop personal goals and heal from losing my mother,” Sella stated happily.

“Even though right now I am living in this village helping my father, my stepmother and my younger siblings farm in the garden and do household chores, l know my future is so bright. Apart from teaching children in my community at a small fee, I am also a passionate farmer. Come, let me show you my garden, farming is in my blood.” Sella said.

Sella has grown two acres of peanuts, two acres of maize, and one acre of cassava using the money she saved from the allowance she received as part of her scholarship.

Sella Nyirongo is certainly living proof of power of education. As Sella hurried back to her house to finish helping her siblings with chores, she shared, “Education has power to transform, and I feel empowered and ready to bring change to my community.”