“America does not retreat from challenges, we lead. Our history shows that our humanitarian initiatives have saved millions of lives and made the world safer for everyone.”
— Michelle Nunn, President and CEO of CARE

Lifesaving foreign assistance funding represents one percent of the U.S. budget; just one penny on the federal dollar. And yet this penny is incredibly powerful. It saves millions of lives every year, addresses the root causes of poverty, decreases dependency, and builds stronger, more resilient societies.

In May, the Trump Administration proposed a FY 2018 International Affairs budget that would slash foreign aid by nearly one-third. Such deep and disproportionate cuts would have life and death consequences today, and would undercut America’s - and the world’s - ability to address tomorrow’s global threats.

That means famines will grow, more people will starve, more suffering and chaos will ensue and millions of hungry, desperate people will be forced to extremes to prevent their children from dying.

America has always been the country that has stepped in to provide lifesaving assistance in times of major crisis. We provide food to the hungry, set up emergency services and help desperate communities dig out and rebuild stronger.

These proposed cuts, if enacted, would be swift, devastating, and felt for years to come, imperiling millions of lives and the course of global development, stability, and partnership. The U.S. FY 2018 International Affairs budget should match the scale and nature of the global challenges facing America, and reflect the U.S. government’s longstanding bipartisan commitment to shared responsibility and the safeguarding of its own vital interests.

Congress, #DontCutLives!

Congress has the power to protect these lifesaving programs and they need to do that now. But they won't stand up for life saving accounts unless they hear from you. Tell Congress today: #DontCutLives. Protect foreign assistance funding from cuts.


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