How Many Lives Have You Saved?

Together we're saving millions of lives every year


The President has proposed a budget to slash U.S. foreign assistance, funding that represents one percent of the U.S. budget; just one penny on the federal dollar. This penny is incredibly powerful. It saves millions of lives every year.

If you pay taxes, then you’re helping to save lives every year. Enter your annual income below to find out how many lives you're impacting each year and then share to tell Congress #DontCutLives.

Your $ toward foreign assistance could provide:


  • Motley Fool reports the average federal income tax rate is 13.5%
  • Roughly 1% of the federal budget goes to foreign aid.
  • We're multiplying your income by 13.5%, then 1%, then comparing it to the cost of relief programs the U.S. Government operates around the world.

Important: Taxes are complicated! Thanks to all of the variables that figure into taxes owed and taxed paid, everyone’s contributions are unique. The numbers generated here are estimates designed to illustrate how one person - YOU - saves lives just by being an average taxpayer.

*CARE is not recording any incomes entered into this calculator.