Partners to End Child Marriage

Partners to End Child Marriage

One of our key strategies is partnering with local organizations.  We believe that just as the causes of child marriage have local roots, ending child marriage for good depends on building on local expertise and solutions.  Our partners in Bangladesh and Nepal help us do the work in communities and make sure that we are creating solutions that make sense in the places we work.  These partners bring decades of experience, and a focus on including the people we serve in all of our decisions. 


The Dalit Social Development Center works in Kapilbastu, Nepal.


Siddartha Samuyadayik Samaj (SSS) works in 10 sub-districts of Rupandehi, Nepal.


The Association for Slum Dwellers covers 60 districts of Bangladesh.


Jaintia Shinnomul Songstha (JASHIS) covers 30 areas of Bangladesh.