Partners to End Child Marriage: ASD

Partners to End Child Marriage: ASD

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Assistance for Slum Dwellers (ASD) is a Bangladeshi non-profit and non-governmental organization, dedicated to the cause of distressed humanity. Since its inception in 1988, ASD has worked to ensure poor peoples’ participation in the development process. ASD's focus is to ensure that poor people have support and participation in processes so that they can change their own lives. Its mission is to encourage the poor to create solidarity, build skills, link to resources, improve their bargaining position, and have income earning opportunities. ASD works to improve their clients’ quality of life through social, institutional and public resources.

Originally established to address the basic problems of the slum dwellers of Dhaka City to ensure their positive and due role in the socio-economic development of the country, ASD gradually extended its development programmes in other cities and remote rural areas with broader objectives.  They now collaborate with CARE in the Sunamganj area of Bangladesh.

ASD's Core Objectives are:

  1. To empower slum dwellers to improve their quality of life
  2. To advocate and influence public opinion for creating general awareness regarding recognition of the slum dwellers’ legitimate right share in urban society and economy and access to resources.
  3. To create development opportunities for the rural poor in order to reduce migration trends to urban centers.

As part of the Tipping Point Project, ASD works in 60 communities in Bangldesh to end child marriage.

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