CARE Approved Dads

Celebrate Father’s Day with CARE

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CARE Approved Dads

To celebrate Fathers' Day, CARE is highlighting stories of fathers who make a difference. Take a look at these stories--from our program participants, and from our supporters here in the US. Help us celebrate all the fathers who are changing lives and promoting equality.


Balla Sidibe in Cote D'Ivoire talks about what its like to be a CARE Country Director and the primary caretaker for his kids.


Sonam wants to support his wife in her aspirations, and works to take care of his children. He says, "I am committed to prove that men’s attitude and behavior should be changed for gender equality and I am proud of the man I am today."


In India, Harun learns how changing his own attidudes can change his life and his work.


Fidele talks about learning to value his daughters and his wife, and reducing violence at home.


In Nepal, Jhaman takes care of his kids while his wife migrates to earn money for their family.


In Mali, Ousmane decides he needs to share household work with his wife.

CARE's Advocacy

CARE is participating the in Global Summit on Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict. 


Fasineh Kabba in Sierra Leone wants his daughters to grow up to be educated and independent.


Anzu Mia becomes a role model for stopping violence in his community and wins an award for his efforts.


In India, Dharmendra learns about how to give his wife emotional support.