Technical Resources on Engaging Men and Boys

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CARE is a partner at the forefront of research on engaging men and boys. We believe that working with men and boys is one key to achiving equality and ending poverty.  In order to improve our programming and learn with others, we conduct research and training all over the world on masculinities and engaging men and boys in development projects and women’s empowerment.  We also develop tools and methods to help our staff and out partners engage men and boys in their programming. Check out our information below to access our tools and research initiatives.

Training Manuals

Our Gender Equity and Diversity 501 curriculum is a practionners' training manual for working with staff on how to engage men and boys in programming, and how engaging men and boys for women’s empowerment benefits everyone.

More Tools

Our Gender Wiki has a section on Engaging Men and Boys that brings together experiences and resources from the best of the field. It includes a section on CARE’s resources around Engaging Men and Boys.

Research on Masculinities

CARE partners with different research organizations around the globe to study the cutting edge of how to work with men and boys, and why it matters.

Men in Microfinance

Journey’s of Transformation in Rwanda has developed a training manual for how to engage men and boys in women’s economic empowerment and VSLA’s. Take a look at the training manual, Mind the Gap.

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What we're doing to end gender-based violence.

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We’re training men to help bring an end to violence against women.

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