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A New Model for Agriculture Extension in Peru: Leveraging Business Principles to Reach the Nation’s Smallholder Farmers

In 2000, the government of Peru stopped employing agricultural extension officers after seeing poor returns on its investment. While the private sector partially filled the gap, smallholder farmers in remote Andes regions Peru were left with limited access to quality extension services.

Independence is Born From Chickens

“I’m happy because my business has given me independence and the ability to contribute to my family.”  At 32 years old, Gertrude has 3 children with her husband.  Growing up outside Mutare, in eastern Zimbabwe, she was able to stay in school through her O-level examinations, which take place afte

CARE Knows How a Case of Cow Envy Changed an Entire Village

Work is hard to find in Koibortopara, the remote village in northern Bangladesh where Kallani and her family struggled for years to survive.

“We had no way out,” she says. “No food, no clothing, as we had no consistent income.”