Water Matters: New Report’s Recommendations Key for Food and Nutrition Security

Water. Tasteless. Odorless. Colorless. You can see right through it. So when you have it in abundance, it’s easy to, well, look right past it, to take it for granted, in fact.


South Sudan: Clean water for Rom

“We were drinking unclean water before CARE came. We feared our children would fall sick from drinking water from the river and the swamp,” Rebecca Utou told me when I met her in Rom, a small town north of Malakal on the Nile River.


CARE's Water Work

Our life-changing and lifesaving water programs help:

  • People with clean, safe water, especially during times of disaster
  • Schools learn the link between education and water, sanitation and hygiene


Girl Most Likely To: Be a Healthcare Role Model

Water is essential to life. And yet it could have kept Susan out of school for good.



Our Water Partners

We partner with organizations and alliances working to bring clean water, safe sanitation and improved hygiene practices to people around the world.

Learn about our partnerships:


Harvesting Water From Air

High in Ecuadorian cloud forest, CARE and Cola-Cola is testing a program to help families harvest water from the air for drinking and washing.


Kididi Hope

My name is Maria Elisabeth Avindio. In 1989, a war broke out in the area around Andulo – the town where I used to live here in Angola – and my family was in danger living there.

Hope Springs for Fatuma

It takes a lot of strength to carry 55 pounds of water for more than four hours across eastern Ethiopia’s arid highlands. It also takes particular strength to change the circumstances that force women to shoulder that burden.

Fatuma Muhammed is strong in both these ways, and more.