Sharing the Work

Sharing the Work

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Boniface Diallo

My name is Mr. Ousmane Goulaka. I am a farmer in Mandoli in the commune of Bara Sara in Bandiagara, Mali.

I participated in the gender and social transformation program in my capacity as a village agent organized by the Nyeleni/Pathways project team with their local partner. During this training a number of topics were covered, but I was really struck by the issue of sharing the workload in the household. As I left the training, many ideas were going around in my head about which task I should take on to help my wife.

Just after the training in the village, I immediately committed to personally take care of providing household water.  Since then I have taken on the task with my barrel, my jerry cans, and my cart.  I am the only man in my village who does this and I have no problem doing it. 

I am proud of the help that I give my family and I have noticed that my wife is really happy because in our area, water sources are few and far between and you have to climb or walk some distance to get the water, transport it on your head, and do many trips.  Since I have saved my wife from doing this, she doesn’t have injuries because she no longer falls on rocks.  She now uses the time she used to spend getting water for her own interests.  My wife has become more coquettish, more charming, and happier. I have become the pride of the family.  Other men have become curious and are beginning to understand me. I am sure that some will soon imitate me, because their wives and children are now talking about me with envy and above all about the positive effect on mum.  These men are no better than me, and they see that I like what I do and that I haven’t stopped doing it.  

I thank CARE Mali and the project Nyeleni as well as the team from Y-GA-TU without whom I would not have become aware and I wouldn’t have made the decision to help my wife, who since has become more coquettish, more charming, and happier.