SRMH Projects

CARE has sexual, reproductive, and maternal health projects in 48 countries across Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia. In 2014, CARE reached approximately 37 million program participants in 2014, with high quality, rights-based sexual, reproductive and maternal health services. These programs support access to high-quality, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health counseling, education and services including contraception and voluntary family planning services; STI/HIV prevention and care; antenatal, maternal and newborn care; and postpartum, safe abortion and post-abortion care. Our programs utilize proven intervention approaches particular to context, partners and needs. We focus on poor and marginalized women and girls and on the inequalities that exist at all levels. 

Safeguarding Health for Mothers and Families

A family cannot be economically healthy if it is not physically healthy.

CARE for Moms

Learn how CARE is giving mothers the interventions they need to get an education, raise healthier and better-educated children, develop their own sources of income and become leaders in their communities.

Our Technical Expertise

See the tools, approaches, research, and projects on Sexual, Reproductive, and Maternal Health that CARE uses in more than 40 countries around the world

Share Your Voice

CARE works around the world to influence policies to ensure that safe pregnancy and birth are A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT.

Maternal Health Alliance

The MHAP project in Malawi is using the Community Score Card (CSC) tool to promote participatory governance and to identify and develop innovative and sustainable models to improve health services and service delivery.  


Supporting Access to Family Planning and Post Abortion Care (SAFPAC) is a CARE initiative that started in 2011 in Chad, Djibouti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali and Pakistan.

Integrated Family Health

The Integrated Family Health Initiative supports the government of Bihar, India in increasing the universal coverage and quality of life‐saving interventions and improving the health and survival of women, newborns and children.


The Continuum of Prevention, Care and Treatment of HIV/AIDS with Most-at-risk-populations in Cameroon (CHAMP) works with the support of PEPFAR and USAID to reduce HIV/STI infections, and ease the impact of HIV on the socioeconomic development of Cameroon.

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Program Highlight: Maternal Mortality

A social-network approach to family planning.

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Program Highlight: Health Education

See how health trainings help Cambodian workers care for their families.

What happens when pregnant moms don’t have proper nutrition?

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What does a savings and loan group have to do with family planning?

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Did You Know?

CARE pays special attention to new and expectant moms during times of crisis.

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One out of every 11 mothers in Afghanistan dies in pregnancy or childbirth.