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If You Had to Flee, What Would You Take?

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Forced To Flee

The humanitarian plight of more than 7 million people displaced inside Syria and the 4 million refugees scattered in the region is growing more dismal by the day. 

A Gift Not Forgotten

70 years ago when Ingrid Hurtubise was a German refugee after World War II, her family received CARE packages. She talks about what that gift meant to them and the importance of helping refugees today.

    There are almost 60 million refugees in the world today.

    Displacement from wars, conflict and persecution are at the highest levels ever recorded. Entire populations are living in fear and running for their lives, often to other countries that are lacking in infrastructure and resources themselves. The conflict in Syria is the single largest driver of displacement. Even more alarming is the fact that half of these refugees are children.

    In Syria, there are an estimated 12 million people without basic shelter, water, or sanitation (Tweet This). Four million refugees have poured into Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. Yet these countries, which have absorbed 97 percent of Syrian refugees, are getting little support.

    CARE has been in the region since the outbreak of the conflict, reaching more than 1 million people with desperately needed aid. Learn about our response here.