Touch a Book

Touch a Book

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Antoinette Deconninck, CARE Haiti

In Haiti, life is not easy for people who love to read. Books for children or adults are rare and unaffordable for ordinary Haitians. School libraries – where they exist – often are empty of books. Thanks to the CARE LIV Social Bookstore project, readers can buy books for as little as 30 cents. These three schoolgirls – Lénie, Stamaëlle and Céline – have found a fascinating book to share at the CARE LIV stand at the Reading Festival of their school, Our Lady of Lourdes in Port-au-Prince. Now, they can go wherever their dreams take them. In 2½ years, CARE LIV has imported about 180,000 books from Belgium and France, helped establish more than 400 school libraries and created more than 400 library jobs.