CARE in Virtual Reality

CARE Virtual Reality connects people and communities thousands of miles apart. VR storytelling technology bridges distance by immersing viewers in the lives of the people works with every day.

“Women on the Move”
In 1991, CARE harnessed the ancient practice of group saving when it launched the world’s first Village Savings and Loan Association in Niger, a program that 25 years later has empowered millions worldwide. In 2016, CARE returned to Niger to capture the VSLA story in virtual reality. “Women On The Move” immerses you in the story of Fatchima, a grandmother whose life changes life when she enters a women's savings group. But what will happen to her beloved granddaughter?

Directed by Shannon Carroll of Vivid Story and created in partnership with Oculus VR For Good, Women On The Move was an official selection in the 2017 SXSW Film Festival.

360: Song of Comfort from Malawi

A mom sings to console her daughter after a storm destroyed their home. 

Women on the Move: Behind the Scenes

CARE and Vivid Story were teamed up by Oculus and Facebook to create a Virtual Reality video for the VR for Good bootcamp.

Learn about Village Savings & Loan Associations

No outside capital was needed. Only a lockbox, three keys and some basic financial training. A quarter-century later, CARE VSLA members are doing the rest.