Social Enterprises

What Is a Social Enterprise?

Social enterprises are ventures that use business models to advance a primarily social mission. 

We Help Create Lasting Market-Based Solutions to Poverty.

By focusing on self-sustaining business models with high social and economic impact, our social enterprise ventures can become important agents of change in communities with underdeveloped markets.

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What is a JITA project?

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The “Avon Ladies” of Bangladesh

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Weaving Dreams

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From dairy farmer to businesswoman

CARE Enterprises

In 2004, CARE piloted a project to address the problem of highly informal rural marketing and distribution system of Bangladesh, which deprives the poor’s access to many important products, information and income generating opportunities.


You can help women around the world access tools and resources they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Where We Work

CARE works in 84 countries around the world to support nearly 1,000 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian-aid projects.