CARE for Moms: Food & Nutrition

Taking on Food Insecurity

When food is scarce, women and children often go hungry. When a crisis hits, women are generally the first to sacrifice their food consumption, in order to protect the food consumption of their families. CARE has been solving the problem of hunger since its founding in 1945, when the original CARE Package® provided food to survivors of World War II. Today’s CARE Package comes in the form of improved food and nutrition security that lasts a lifetime. Here you will learn about how CARE is taking on food insecurity… and creating lasting change.

Fighting Poverty & Drought with Honeybees

Nuriya, an Ethiopian mother of six children, has been able to make ends meet on her own since her husband passed away 11 years ago. 


In many parts of the world, mothers struggle to provide their children with nutritious food. In 2004, CARE, USAID and the government of Bangladesh created SHOUHARDO, a program with a goal of alleviating childhood stunting due to chronic malnutrition.