CARE for Moms: SHOUHARDO Program

CARE for Moms: SHOUHARDO Program

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In many parts of the world, mothers struggle to provide their children with nutritious food. In 2004, CARE, USAID and the government of Bangladesh created SHOUHARDO, a program with a goal of alleviating childhood stunting due to chronic malnutrition. The program’s success stunned researchers. In less than four years, child stunting within the program's target population dropped 28 percent. It was twice the success of a typical USAID-funded program. Research further showed that it wasn’t food aid that caused such a dramatic change. It was women’s empowerment. Women who participated in SHOUHARDO self-help groups went out more freely. They went to markets to buy and sell goods, increasing their economic well-being. They sought healthcare when pregnant, spoke out against the practice of child marriage and they and their children began consuming healthier food. That’s one small part of the power of Moms.

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