Girl Most Likely To: Need Your Help

Girl Most Likely To: Need Your Help

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In a country overwhelmed by refugee children, the schools had no room for her.


Hanan, age 8, lives in a Jordanian slum with her mother and four siblings.

They’re refugees from Syria’s brutal civil war, forced to leave their home after a bomb killed their father as he sold vegetables in the street, and debris from another blast injured one of their younger brothers.

Hanan, a bright, curious girl, already missed a year of school while her family searched for safety in different areas of Syria. But she still remembers numbers, can do simple math and write a little.

Although her mother wishes for Hanan to go to school in Jordan, and school is free, there’s a problem. The schools are full.

When Hanan’s mother went to register Hanan and her brother Awad, she was told there was no room for them. After decades of welcoming refugees across its borders, Jordan simply doesn’t have enough teachers and classrooms for all the children.

But hope was on the horizon for Hanan.

Despite the initial bad news, Hanan’s mother kept pushing to get her kids into school. Finally, following a CARE visit that caught the attention of community members, Hanan and Awad were successfully enrolled in school.

Help like this doesn’t come for every refugee child. Please donate to CARE so girls like Hanan — smart, eager girls who are blocked from school because of war, poverty or gender discrimination — can have a better future.

See how CARE is keeping girls in the picture by sending them to school!


Hanan, 8, Jordan (Syria)