Girl Most Likely To: Be a Force for Change

Girl Most Likely To: Be a Force for Change

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This ‘burden’ said no to child marriage, and demanded an education instead.


It was all arranged, even the dowry.

After she completed her primary education, Lutfa, now 17, had to drop out of school to help her family with the housework. And yet, they still saw her as a burden -- just another mouth to feed, a girl who couldn’t bring value to the family.

“I was broken inside, as my dream to educate myself remained unfulfilled, and on top of that, I started to doubt my abilities to change my life.”

So they decided to marry Lutfa off, putting her future in someone else’s hands.

But she said no.

She gained the courage to stand up to her parents through training sessions run by CARE Bangladesh that teach women and girls about their rights, how to read, as well as how to sew.  

“The group restored my faith, my dream and abilities,” she says. “Attending the training sessions taught me about the bad effects of child marriage. This helped me to convince my parents to stop my marriage and instead buy me a sewing machine."

Lutfa is now making her own money, part of which she invests in the education of her siblings so their futures will be protected.

Proudly, she says, “Now my family members rely on me to make decisions about different matters; I also contribute financially on a regular basis.”

When asked if she’ll ever marry, Lutfa smiles and says, “At least not before I am 25 years old.”

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Lutfa, 17, Bangladesh