Girls Most Likely to: Multiply What They’ve Learned

Girls Most Likely to: Multiply What They’ve Learned

In 2003 the Highland Children’s Education Project started in Ratanakiri, Cambodia, opening the first community schools in six ethnic minority villages. Three of these villages were of the Kreung ethnic group and three were of the Tampuen ethnic group. 

Lun Pheat, Nen Thu, Vin Sa Chhnoeum, and Ravae Saphea were four girls among the first group of children who started grade 1 that year. They started their studies learning to read and write in their own language and were gradually introduced to Khmer, the national language. By grade 4, 100% of their studies was in Khmer.

In 2008, they completed grade 6, and proceeded to lower secondary school in district towns. This was a difficult time for them, living away from their family and community. CARE assisted them, providing scholarships, food, uniforms, and learning materials. 

In 2011 the girls completed grade 9, passed the exams and went on to the Regional Teacher Training College in Stung Treng.

All of them are looking forward to becoming teachers in their home communities and passing on what they’ve learned to future generations.